A fish out of water

I’ve been thinking a lot about smoked salmon recently. Mainly because my family is obsessed with it at Christmas, so I’ve been tasting all sorts of it to try and find the best one for the Christmas table.

My (extensive) research resulted in two findings. One was that if you eat smoked salmon for a whole day, you get a very sore stomach…The other, was that my favourite is M&S’s Stout-glazed Irish Organic salmon, new to stores for Christmas.

Produced by family-run company Dunn’s just outside of Dublin, the salmon all come from responsibly-run farms on the west coast of Ireland. The fillets are hand-glazed with a reduction of Irish stout, balsamic and sugar, then cold smoked for 8 hours before being sliced and packed by hand.

With a beautiful treacle tint, and a firm rich flesh, I’ll be serving this salmon on fresh buckwheat blinis as a canapé

M&S stout glazed salmon

M&S stout glazed salmon


or torn into warm salads with croutons, sliced cucumber and romaine lettuce. A perfect antidote to the festive blow-out!



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3 responses to “A fish out of water

  1. Nona

    Fab recommendation, I am always on the look out for a good smoked salmon around this time of year and great news that your favourite is to be found just down the road in M&S! I think that our usual tradition of smoked salmon on brown bread will rejuvenated this year and I shall try out the buckwheat blinis (they sound delicious)…wish me luck with those!

  2. Crystal

    ahh and it was beetroot and juniper smoked! Quite unusual I thought

  3. Crystal

    Hmm this week a friend offered me some (about 1kg!) smoked salmon a family member of hers had smoked. There was a choice between oakwood smoked and one smoked with beetroot and something else (wish I could remember what!). Although it was a lovely pink colour I wasnt sure about the beetroot choice so opted for the oak. A couple of year ago I had made beetroot and potato rostis with sour cream dill and smoked salmon .. they looked wonderful but werent terribly exciting to eat… buckwheat blinis on the other hand… think I’ll give that a go! Perhaps if there’s any left in January (I’ve been told it will last?!) then I can kick off that new years resolution with a salad… maybe…

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