The weight loss begins…

Ok, hands up…who overdid it at Christmas?

I will be the first to stick my hand in the air and say that I could have sunk a small ship with the sheer weight of what I consumed over the festive period. And from the grumbling around the office this morning, I sense I’m not alone. Diets have started in earnest, and I am no exception.

While the thought of dieting usually makes me want to eat cheese and sulk, this time I’m determined to be positive about it. Working on the food team has at least helped me to discover delicious healthy recipes, rather than the carrot-stick-tofu-no-salt-or-carbs horrors that usually spring to mind when the dreaded D-word is mentioned.

Like this Vietnamese salad, for instance. Made with lean chicken breast, Chinese cabbage and a ton of fresh herbs, it’s as far away from drab as you can get. The punchy dressing is also fat-free, so the whole thing really is incredibly virtuous, filling and very tasty.  And for those of us who are suffering with sniffles, the chillies will give your immune system and mood a boost. Perfect!

So away with the dieting doldrums! The cheese will always keep til the weekend…



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5 responses to “The weight loss begins…

  1. Nona

    This salad is exactly what I need after the Christmas/New Year food fest, hopefully those chillies will work their magic on my horrid cold!

  2. Joanna Coghlan

    I agree with Nancy, your Christmas Tips were so delicious I over-indulgedo the max!! The guests barely got to taste the boozy trifle you suggested. Yes salad time… 😦

  3. Mark O'Hare

    Great blog – how about some man diet ideas? (I appreciate the clue is in the title ‘Woman & Home’ – but how about ‘how do I get my man to diet?’)

  4. Lara Dungan

    I’m definitely feeling the post Christmas stomach bulge, and I nearly took an eye out with the button from my jeans this morning. If I don’t do something I’m going to burst open at the seams any moment now!! The salad seems like a good step along the way the fulfilling at least one new years resolution. Now if you could only force me to exercise, work harder and stop drinking I’d be nearly there!

  5. That’s a great looking salad and exactly what I need to help me back in to those jeans! (However I must blame your turkey tip in part for my over-eating though – I normally steer clear of the over-cooked offering but it was so good this time I couldn’t stop nibbling…)

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