You’re on a diet. You’re trying incredibly hard to be good. You virtuously refused a second glass of wine last night, and went home and ate vegetable soup. You’re feeling rather pleased with yourself. So what you definitely don’t need is to spend the entire day in the kitchen at work, testing chocolate recipes

This, unfortunately, has been my lot today. Now don’t get me wrong. I like making chocolate puddings. In fact, I love making chocolate puddings. But all that licking the spoon, dipping your finger in and ‘just tidying the edge of the cake up’ begins to add up, and soon you realise that you’ve basically consumed the equivalent of three Mars bars. And a Galaxy. 

I really think that doing my job should come with a free gym membership, or some sort of hideously militant personal trainer who collars me on my way out of work every night. Diets just don’t stand up to this job. They’re attacked while they sleep. They’ve got no chance.

All that’s left for me now is to go home and eat salad all weekend. Either that or run on the spot while I’m whisking my ganache…



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3 responses to “Choccy-woccy-doo-dah

  1. Baking is one of those strange pastimes that sometimes I just have to do. It’s so regulated and calm, it’s just a perfect Sunday afternoon activity. Plus, you get to eat the fruits of your labour a couple of hours later!

  2. Jo

    Why did I get home from work yesterday and have the urge to bake? And why is it that you always have flour in the house, but not when you actually use it? Who runs out of flour?!

  3. Dieting is hard enough when you’re not surrounded by chocolate. The easter eggs have flooded into our office and I’ve resisted everything but the Green&Blacks butterscotch. Which, I think you’ll agree is physically impossible to resist.

    All baking has been curbed, and my whisks and piping bags and anything that even smells like sugar has been banished to the back of the cupboard. It’s torture! I may need to padlock said cupboard imminently! 😦

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