Cheese please. Please. Pretty please!

I’ve decided to stop harping on about my diet today,  and instead talk about a subject very close to my heart. Cheese. Cheese is something I love almost more than any other food out there. My relationship with cheese has been long and uninterrupted – even when I went through my fussy teenager phase, I don’t remember ever turning my nose up at an oozing wedge of Camembert (unpasteurised please, we’re not American), or a thick slice of Stilton.

My cheese fetish was further indulged today when a parcel of Alpine cheeses turned up on my desk from marvellous cheese purveyors Paxton and Whitfield. It may be the memories of ski seasons past, but there’s something particularly delectable about cheeses from the Alps. The rich pastures that the cows graze on produce some of the most fragrant, buttery cheeses around, and the smell of them melting is absolutely impossible to resist. One of my utter favourites is Beaufort – rich, nutty and satisfying, it’s wonderful with sweet chutnies, or in sandwiches with salty cured ham or coarse pâté. Have a look on the Paxton’s website if you feel like indulging the cheese habit. They do mail order…



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2 responses to “Cheese please. Please. Pretty please!

  1. TSI

    Does anyone know or can recommend any cheese making schools or classes I can take on how to make cheese? Something like “making cheese for dummies”. I just love cheese and one day I’d love to be able to make my own cheese on my little farm, just me and Daisy the cow…

  2. Jo

    I could talk for hours about cheese! Having always been a cheese lover myself – my nickname at school was Cheese-Queen (it was also Doughnut-Girl but that’s another story!) – I don’t understand when people say they DON’t LIKE CHEESE! There are so many different cheeses that how can you not like ANY?! Gooey and pongy…firm and fragrant…there’s a cheese for all. It somehow fills every craving i have. Rather than have a cheese course at the end of a meal, I prefer it as the starter on an untainted palate.

    I have a cheese cookery class lined up in March at Divertimenti Cooking School with the Queen of Cheese (not me) Patricia Michelson, who founded La Fromagerie – if anyone knows about cheese, it’s her! Mmmmmmmmmmm…………..drool……….

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