Ooh er, missus! The new Virtual Farmers’ Market

This is my favourite new pastime. A virtual playground for foodies, this farmers’ market lets you roam around, checking out the produce of small, artisan suppliers, before clicking on their wares and buying to your heart’s content. I got particularly caught up with Burnt Sugar fudge and toffee, the Cornish Cheese Co. and umm…Knight’s Gin (for the weekend of course…no drinking on school nights at the moment!). For the more temperate among us, they’ve also got fantastic meat, condiments and deli stalls. Download the 3D market for free, and while away the office hours filling up your basket.

Virtual Farmers’ Market



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2 responses to “Ooh er, missus! The new Virtual Farmers’ Market

  1. Karen Mackenzie

    I have just had a look at the virtual farmers market and I could not see any list of ingredients for the products. People need to see the ingredients and additives list before they buy. I thought that was the law?

  2. greatormondst

    Wow! This will now be my new favourite thing to do as well! How did you find out about this amazing tool?

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