The Food of Love

 As loathe as I am to keep harping on about Valentine’s day, it seemed somewhat hypocritical of me to put up a whole list of food you can buy for your true love, without actually including a few Valentine’s day recipes that will set their heart all a-flutter. After all, as Thomas Wolfe said: ‘There is no sight on earth more appealing, than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves.’ (NB, men in the audience, this is also true for you lot…)

For me, cooking is the most basic and sincere way of expressing affection for people and whether that be your beloved, or just a table full of good friends, hopefully a couple of these recipes will inspire you to get behind the stove and make a mess in the name of St Val. Enjoy…

This beef and smoked oyster pie is perfect for a Sunday get together. It freezes beautifully too so no last minute huffing and puffing.

Fillet steaks with blue cheese butter and bubble and squeak. What a truly heavenly combination.

 There’s nothing more romantic than breakfast in bed, so snuggle up with some dressed-up eggs and a very dressed down Valentine…

 If curry is the way to his heart, (you’d be surprised…) you can’t do much better than this green Keralan curry. This recipe was given to us by a top Keralan chef, so it’s ever so slightly more authentic than that jar of korma sauce at the back of the cupboard.

 Chocolate truffle cake crowned with heart-red raspberries. I don’t think I need to say anything else.



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3 responses to “The Food of Love

  1. Sharon

    I save the cake recipe from W&H when it was published a couple of years ago. Since then my husband has been diagnosed with coeliac disease and he can still eat this. It tastes amazing, can feeds loads of people and is dead easy to make.

  2. TSI

    Oh, breakfast in bed is a great idea as it falls on a Sunday this year. I will give that one a go.

  3. Jo

    What a beautiful cake! I made a similar cake (without the raspberries though) recently from the Green & Blacks cookbook and it went down so well that I made it again the following week!

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