Ditch the Danish!

Anyone who is a regular woman&home reader (or indeed, who has met me), will know how passionately both I and Food Editor Jane feel about the pork industry. We’re always stressing the importance of buying British (preferably free-range) meat, since the welfare standards are so much higher than in most of the rest of Europe. If you want to see how much higher, please click here. It’s something of an eye opener.

And not a very pleasant one at that.

But I have good news. At a full-English breakfast meeting with John Dixon, M&S Director of Food, Food ed Jane was thrilled to hear that from this week, Marks & Spencer will be the first retailer to offer 100% British throughout its entire range of bacon, sausages and eggs.  Since we only use and recommend British free-range pork in our recipes, we’re thrilled by this major step forward and brave move by M&S to “ditch the Danish”. So well done them. Do let me know what you think.



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3 responses to “Ditch the Danish!

  1. Joanne

    Bravo M & S. Now all they need to do is lead the way and revert to using corks in their wine bottles. Having spent an idyllic holiday travelling round Andalusia and the beautiful cork oak forests, if the hideous trend for screw tops persists soon there will be no forests left and no habitat for the abundant wildlife in that region.

    Apart from anything else, there just isn’t any romance unscrewing the top compared with the wonderful pop of the cork at the end of a long day at work.

  2. TSI

    Oh, Mr Piggy, he is so cute! The thought of turning veggie crossed my mind for just a second, but then i remembered the smell of bacon (British that is) and i just can’t do it. Good to know these fellas will have a very happy life on home soil.

  3. Egrace

    Good old M&S leads the way once more! My veggie leanings stopped me from watching the terrible conditions of pigs on the continent… but I can well imagine. It’s not banned in our house altogether, but I always make sure when I cook pork that it’s British. I’ll be winging my way past M&S on my way home this week. Good on them.

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