The Sustainable Restaurant Association

We’re always preaching the importance of sustainability and provenance in the mag, but I often find the real problems with your principals happen when you go out to eat. No one wants to be the killjoy at the table who won’t eat the salmon because it’s not Atlantic, but it does bother me when I’m paying high prices for food I’m not sure about.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) launched last night, and already has a lot of very influential backers behind it (including Giles Coren and Jay Rayner, two of my favourite ranters).

Aimed at helping restaurants to take positive sustainable actions, to change not only the food they serve but also the way it is sourced, grown and transported, they will also be encouraging participants to learn from consumer feedback on what they’re looking for when eating out and tailor more to their needs.

According to the Environmental Agency, the hotel and restaurant sector has the lowest levels of  environmental awareness, and are responsible for a horrifying 3 million tonnes of food waste every year. I can’t be the only one who’s appalled by this, so I’m thrilled that the SRA are set to start making a difference. 

For participating restaurants near you, and all their latest news, log onto their website.


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  1. Jay Rayner

    I’m not a backer of the SRA, though I think it’s an interesting project. I went to the party to gather research for the piece linked in below. Oh, and to drink their free wine.

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