Brownie points for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the few enforced displays of affection that I agree with, mainly because I feel like I don’t tell my mum how much I love her enough. On other days of the year it can be construed as soppy/unnecessary/like you want something (!), but if the rest of the country is doing it, then it’s definitely acceptable! And where better to shell out money for your mummy than the grande dame of  luxury shops, Fortnum and Mason?!

I unashamedly love Fortnum’s – I love the shop, the packaging, the products. Everything about it makes you feel special, particularly people’s faces when they open their beautifully wrapped presents. It screams old-fashioned Englishness – I don’t care how many American tourists you have to step over to get through the doors. They also have a website – so even if you’re far away from the capital, you can still treat you ma. Take a look at my favourite Mother’s Day picks:

A gorgeous hamper complete with tea, choccies, biscuits and cakes.

These boxes of Fortnum’s favourite chocolates come in three different sizes – just pick the level of gluttony you require!

Rose and violet creams  – perfect for grannies who are after a touch of nostalgia. And they’re so pretty!

If your mum is a tea lover, this cedarwood caddy is pricey but so gorgeous – and will make an excellent heirloom…

Check out the Fortnum’s website for more gift ideas. And spoil your mother rotten this Sunday.



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2 responses to “Brownie points for Mother’s Day

  1. Truefoodie's Mum

    Truefoodie’s mum can’t wait to receive her present!

  2. Emma MT

    I totally know where you are coming from. F&M is the best for everything. I bought ‘couples gifts’ for the family at Christmas from there and they were SO well received! It was really great to go in there, have a mooch around and then order them. I felt really posh! Now I just need my husband to see this blog and get me something on behalf of my little ones. Violet creams are my favourite honey!

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