A Spring Roast

Although I’m off on holiday this weekend, I’m sure lots of  us will be cooking roasts to celebrate Mother’s Day. And while it doesn’t feel like it, I’m pretty certain that it’s officially spring, so in theory we should be wanting lighter food. In theory. So here are some ideas, just in case you’re stuck for inspiration when the family’s bearing down on you…

This roast lamb has a whisper of the Mediterranean about it – the oregano hints at summer days (somewhere) around the corner

Roasting salmon is great if you’re feeding non-meat eaters, or if you just fancy a change!

Roast chicken works so well with lemon, and these little ricotta cakes are the ultimate light stuffing

This roast beef is great as a buffet recipe, and the sauce is deliciously fresh


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One response to “A Spring Roast

  1. Jo

    A light stuffing?! I tend to feel lightly stuffed after each meal!!

    Actually the ricotta cakes look delish.

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