Supermarket sinners (and angels…)

After a week away I came back to an absolute mountain of emails, but one that stuck out was about the Honest Labelling campaign.

Championed by Rob Ward, one of Britain’s foremost experts of food provenance, this campaign is aiming to promote clearer labelling on consumer products, which in turn makes it easier for shoppers to know exactly what they’re buying.

Their website is really very interesting, and highlights the ‘angels’ and ‘sinners’ of the food industry, as well as giving you a chance to express your own opinions and upload your own nitpicks.

Although food retailers have made steps into more transparent labelling, there is definitely still a long way to go, and the more pressure we (as consumers) put on them, the quicker it will happen. 

Visit their website and sign up to become an honest labelling disciple. Power of the people and all that…


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