This week, I have been mostly eating…

For some reason I was thinking about the Fast Show the other day, and Jesse’s Diets popped into my head. Remember him? – The Worzel Gummage-alike who appeared out of a shed and announced that this week, he had been mostly eating…. well, something utterly incongruous usually. Prozac was one that stuck in my head.

Anyway, the scoffing scarecrow has made me want to share what we’ve mostly been eating this week. Our office is hilarious. Being on the food team I naturally talk about food a lot, but the Food Editor and I have nothing on the fashion, beauty and web teams when it comes to discussing eating habits. They literally can’t stop. A discussion about lunch options will invariably start at 10.30, and carry on well until four o clock when I start being pestered to provide snacks. And boy do I provide…

So here, dear reader, if you’re needing some Friday snacking inspiration, is the first of many Jesse’s Diet-esque rundowns. Happy munching!

This week, w&h have been mostly eating…

Jordan’s Coconut cereal bars

These are seriously tasty and smell a bit like holidays!

Reversy Percys

They’ve turned Percy Pig inside out! Three bags of these disappeared in a matter of minutes. Much, MUCH better than Haribo…

Lindt Sea Salt chocolate

This didn’t even make it to the communal table. It stayed firmly with the food team! Exactly the right amount of salt in Lindt’s lovely dark chocolate.

Waitrose passionfruit jelly with fresh fruit

A tasty fruit salad, with the childish bonus of passionfruit jelly at the bottom. Very nice and not that naughty!



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2 responses to “This week, I have been mostly eating…

  1. Oh my god. I am a little overexcited about the sea salt chocolate. And also reversed Percy Pigs. Although slightly sceptical as I am so enamoured with the orginal…

  2. TSI

    Loving Reversy Percy! I even took some of Percy Pig and Friends on a recent trip to South Africa where they were a great hit with my family and friends.

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