Classy caffeine for the spacially challenged

I tried to avoid it. I tried to drink sparkling water, eat complex carbohydrates and develop a love affair with bananas. But I couldn’t do it. There’s nothing quite like the caffeine hit of a double espresso first thing in the morning. That, and it’s marvellous for suppressing your appetite if you’re dieting (don’t tell our nutritionist I said that…)!

And I sense I’m not alone in this. I’ve noticed more and more people have espresso machines in their houses now – clearly the ridiculous pace of our lifestyles is having an effect on our attempts to be zen-like green tea drinkers. Either that or we’ve all just realised that instant coffee is really not the way forward in our quests to be Euro-gourmands…

My new favourite toy is the Lavazza A Modo Mio machine, which is compact enough to fit into my gadget-laden kitchen and is portable so can be tucked away in a cupboard if needs be. Like the Nespresso machines it uses little individual capsules of Lavazza coffee, which eliminates the problem of your coffee going stale and tasteless. They come in different intensities too, so if you’re really having a tough morning you can up the ante!

The newest range comes in these rather fabulous colours – which may wake you up in the morning as much as the caffeine… There’s also a very sleek black version for the more conservative amongst us. They retail at about £120 and the coffee capsules can be reordered online. My only problem now is my caffeine shakes. But I’m sure they’re burning calories too…


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