Thai new year – 13th-15th April

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year festival (or Songkran if you’re feeling learned). This is one of the most celebrated of the Thai public holidays, and is traditionally marked by throwing water over strangers. Somewhat bizarre, but I suppose no stranger than criss-crossing arms with people you barely know, and singing a song that no one really understands…

At woman&home, we like to think we’re slightly more refined, and so I will be celebrating the festival in the kitchen. Funnily enough. Apart from the ritualistic drenching, another Songkran tradition is to visit family and pay respects to elders. And in my book, family means food. So here are some recipes to get you going:

A rare beef salad that works both as a light supper, or a dinner party starter, if you’ve a crowd coming round.

These prawns are super speedy, and quite ridiculously moreish.

A  spiced pork dish that is completely delicious and also makes a great pre-dinner canape.

Serve this classic, fragrant Thai red chicken and coconut curry with plenty of steamed jasmine rice to mop up the sauce.

Hot and sour soup – refreshing, cleansing, and just the thing if you’ve got a miserable cold.

A melon salad infused with lemongrass, served with little coconut cookies. An infinitely more sophisticated version of fruit salad and macaroons!

Suksan wan songkran!


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  1. Rupert's Mum

    These recipes look delicious. Will be trying them out on friends this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration, Truefoodie!

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