Real Food Festival

For those of us who’ve trawled a farmers’ market, picked our own or just had daydreams of wicker baskets groaning with muddy vegetables and handmade sausages, the Real Food Festival is coming to Earl’s Court next weekend to appease our cravings.

Showcasing a variety of specialist small food producers and their delicious wares, it’s a perfect example of Britain’s fabulous artisanal food culture, and an event that us gluttons should all be supporting. 

At the launch a few weeks ago of the weekly branch of the Festival at Borough market, (Thursdays, if you’re around) I was bombarded with so many delicious samples, I could hardly carry them back to the office. Beautiful British cheeses, handmade chorizos, chocolates, sloe gin – the list goes on. It’s a hard life.

Check out the Real Food website to buy tickets for the show, and learn a bit more about the people who are making it happen. Everyone I spoke to was absolutely fascinating – completely passionate about what they’re doing and obligingly eager to feed you. It’s a really fab day out and a welcome break from the weekly trolley dash…


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