Bake with Compassion

The week of the 7th June sees Compassion in World Farming’s Bake with Compassion week. The charity are asking people to bake all sorts of sweet and savoury treats, then host coffee mornings, cake sales or even tea parties, and encourage people to donate.

 Obviously if you want to get baking a little earlier than this, then please feel free. The charity are hoping to have people baking with compassion all year round!

 If you’re not familiar with Compassion in World Farming, then please do have a look at their website. An incredibly worthwhile charity who campaign to end the hideous practices of factory farming, anyone who eats any form of meat or dairy should be supporting their cause wholeheartedly.

 And we’re not the only ones getting behind it. Celebrities such as Jo Brand, Kate Ford and Paul Merret have donated recipes to the website to give you some inspiration. If you need any more, then click here for some of our rather fabulous cakes.

 Happy baking!


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  1. JoanneI

    I agree with you, Truefoodie, Compassion in World Farming is a fantastic charity which deserves our wholehearted support. Happy baking – Woman & Home’s cake recipes are the best!

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