What I’m craving right now

Bizarrely enough, it’s chicken. It’s never been my favourite meat – I tend to go for something more, well, meaty – a fat-marbled rib-eye, a piece of belly pork with the crackling golden and crisp. And in winter, there are very few things more comforting than a slow cooked lamb shoulder.

But recently, I can’t stop craving chicken. I think it’s the effect of living with a houseful of boys who are all obsessed with the gym. Their protein intake is quite alarming, and the house is rarely without the smell of chicken roasting in some sort of manly marinade. (By manly marinade I inevitably mean Cajun, they’re completely nonplussed by my delicate, fresh-herbs-and-oil treatment of meat).

My favourite way of eating this humble bird at the moment is to joint a whole one (free range, naturally), then crisp the skin in a frying pan before roasting the pieces with oil and lemon juice, and tossing over a handful of fresh chopped mint and garlic once it’s done. Clearly not macho enough for the men in my life, but perfect for a girly supper. I love this simple meal served with a salad of cucumber, spring onion and radish, and some roasted baby new potatoes.

Since chicken is undoubtedly Britain’s most popular meat, I imagine I’m not alone in my current craving. Perhaps you’d like to check out these recipes, if you’re feeling in need of some chickeny inspiration…



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2 responses to “What I’m craving right now

  1. Lynden

    Very much enjoyed reading your blog and I love the fact that you do so much research.

    Recipes are good too, I have now subscribed and will look forward to reading you regularly

  2. Joanne Ibbitson

    What a delicious supper this is, Truefoodie. I’ve cooked it many times for friends since you suggested it and every one of them has begged me for the recipe!!

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