Table talk

10.04am this morning. I was listening to the fashion team discussing what they were going to have for lunch that day. Should they go to Leon? What was on the menu upstairs? No, that soup the other day tasted too much like stock. How many calories are there really in a tortilla? And so it went on.

And so it goes on, in fact, every day. Jane the food editor and I sit in frank and speechless disbelief that anyone can talk about food that much. Even we don’t talk about food that much, and it’s our job. Not that we aren’t pleased of course – the level of enthusiasm displayed for our chosen sphere is encouraging to say the least.

The discussion of last night’s dinner is also given a lot of airtime in the office. ‘I had such a lovely salad last night.’ ‘That aubergine I roasted was delicious.’ ‘I was terrible – I had a ready meal AND a slice of cake.’ ‘Oh don’t worry, Emma, your figure can handle it. Not like me…’

Is this the product of being in an office full of women I wonder? I can’t imagine the boys next door at RBS chattering away about the prawn linguine they knocked up the night before. Is it indicative of how many households have females in the kitchen, or is it just yet another symbol of the complex relationship women have with food? Actually, there’s nothing complex about my relationship with food. I love it, unreservedly. Except for tripe. I love that somewhat less.

I’d be interested to know if every office is like this.  Approximately how many minutes of every day are spent in animated discussion of mealtimes? And do the offices of Birds’ Eye and Findus spend their days talking about belts and handbags…



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5 responses to “Table talk

  1. Katharine

    It’s a half-hourly topic of conversation in our office – and now it’s what to do once you’ve exhausted all lunch options in the area. THat’s why discussing it is so important – had I not shared my lunchtime quandry recently with a colleague, I would never have discover EAT’s dumpling soup!

    Although I try and stay healthy at lunchtime, there’s no escape from my 4pm Maltesers attack – it’s simply a matter of course and I just have to go with it… What throws me is when a cake appears for b’day/wedding etc celebrations, post-Malteser scoff – double dosage afternoon chocolate always gives me the guilts…

  2. Izzy

    Every office I’ve worked in is like this! And I hold my hands up – I’m probably the worst culprit. I’ve wasted hours talking about lunch with colleagues, like its a life or death decision. Have you had the new salad from Pret? What soup are they doing at Crussh? Did you SEE the queue in Amanos today? I’m always so interested to see what other people are eating for lunch, and so it seems are my colleagues, who were facinated by my EAT soup purchase the other day. Yes its has dumplings in it, and yes its pretty darn tasty- rejoice, a new lunch option to try! And with lunch chat, inevitably comes diet chat. I knew the amount of Weight Watchers points in a jacket potato before I even know what Weight Watchers really was. And we all share the guilt when the biscuits come out. I think I’m lucky to work with so many women who are the same… and I’m sure we must drive the boys who sit near us crazy!

  3. Doughface

    I absolutely hate hearing people obsessing over their weight – it makes me feel so uncomfortable hearing girls saying to one another “you’re not fat, OMG look how big my bum is!”. I wish it wasn’t an acceptable code of practice for girls to talk like this. I’m not advocating being a fatty boom boom but why do we all have to discuss it?

    On another note, I agree with tsi above about being unsatisfied with your lunch. No matter how good and wholesome you feel bringing in your own lunch, sometimes it’s nice to simply get out the office rather than sitting at your desk eating.

    Is anyone else addicted to frozen yoghurt? I have recently started a 4pm fix of fro-yo which I can’t resist…at least it is is healthy and satisfying.

  4. tsi

    Working in an office myself, lunchtime really is my highlight of the day. Even on the train journey in I start to think what I’ll be having. I also sometimes get slight obsessions with certain lunch time meals, a few weeks ago it was the veggie sushi form Crush, until I east myself silly on that and then move onto the next flavour of the month!
    On previous occasions I have tried to be a good girl and bring in my own lunch to save money and force myself to eat a salad to avoid being tempted by the variety of lunch options around me. But then I find I just feel so unsatisfied, disappointed and let down by my own lunch. After all, I work hard and it’s these small treats and simple pleasures that get me through the day. Besides, a sandwich or salad prepared by someone else is always so much more delicious than one you have made for yourself.

  5. Em

    I love talking about food! The most important decision that i make each day is what i’m going to eat for lunch and dinner!

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