Friday Night Food

I love Fridays. That may be an obvious statement, but I even love being at work on Fridays. There’s a convivial air about the office that’s just not as present on the other days of the week.  But most of all, I love planning Friday night food. Mainly because it’s an excuse to be a bit irresponsible with dinner time – if you want to eat in your pjs in front of Jonathan Ross it’s ok, because hey, it’s Friday. And if you want to finish off that bottle instead of unwillingly sticking it back in the fridge, then you just go right ahead. It’s the weekend – you can sleep off the sore head tomorrow.

Much as I’m a fan of the odd takeaway, there’s something very lovely about cooking a proper meal at the end of the working week. Mainly, I think, because there’s no rush to eat, digest and retire. If you’re still sitting round the table at 10.30 it’s really neither here nor there. The Spanish do it every night, we only seem to manage it once a week. We are British, after all.

And my favourite food to cook? It’s ever so varied. Well, it’s not actually, it’s very much centred on takeaway alternatives and recipes that seem a little bit indulgent. I might go for a big chilli, complete with homemade, zingy guacamole, toasted pittas (I’m not really a rice person) and shovelfuls of fresh coriander and soured cream. Or maybe  oven baked fish and chips – the ultimate lazy supper, perfect for piling onto plates and collapsing on the sofa with. Pizzas are another favourite – you have time for a very leisurely g&t while the dough is rising, then everyone can get a bit messy sorting out their own toppings.

If the weather’s good, it will be homemade burgers or steaks on the barbie. Lovely with jacket potatoes dripping with butter and big salads made up with whatever’s in the fridge. And during the winter, it’s inevitably a tartiflette, or maybe a Jansson’s temptation – definitely worth a try if you haven’t tasted it.

Relaxed cooking, plenty of wine and an expectation of a good weekend – happy Friday everyone!


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  1. Izzy

    My Friday night foodie heaven has to be a curry, every time! I wish I could say I have the energy to make one from scratch but alas the takeaway house becons and I find myself in truely loafing within an hour of being home…. curry on the table, a glass of red wine in my hand and I’m a happy lady!

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