The Ultimate Burger

So, last week I wrote about what I love to cook on Friday nights. And, while I do try to be a domestic goddess on every day of the week, occasionally I have to give in and buy dinner. As a cook, I don’t feel particularly guilty about this – sometimes it’s just so nice to eat something that you haven’t made! The M&S Ultimate Burgers are a particular favourite of mine this summer. Their development chefs have spent more time on them than I think is really reasonable if your name isn’t Ronald McDonald, and I have to admit, they’ve pretty much nailed it.

Their combination of British rump steak burger, bun and burger mayonnaise is absolutely spot on. The seasoning in the burger is just right, and the meat has a proper beefy flavour that you don’t get in cheap supermarket versions. The bun has just the right amount of sweetness to complement the richness of the beef, and the mayo, I’m ashamed to say, I could eat off a spoon. Tangy with tomatoes and gherkins and piquant with spice, you just need a slice of bitingly strong cheddar to finish them off. Or a piece of plastic cheese if you must, and occasionally, I admit I must.

The burgers are available from all good M&S stores – if it decides to stop raining before winter sets in, I heartily recommend stocking up for the barbie!


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  1. tsi

    I’ve had these burgers and they are great. And no shrinkage when cooked either!

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