Feeding the troops

There’s a surfeit of chocolate in our office. This is partly to do with it being Christmas time in magazine land (the connection between Christian religious festivals and confectionary being inexplicably unbreakable, just look at Easter), and partly to do with a sweet toothed feature we have in the pipeline.

Either way, I’m over it. There’s only so much chocolate one can look at before wanting to dive into a great vat of something savoury. Cheese fondue perhaps. However, the rest of the office who only get the rations we allow them, are extremely happy about the situation.

As a workforce, we are decidedly driven by refined sugar, so much so that when I put a treat on the communal table (a daily occurrence), you can actually feel the mood of the room lifting. The odd times our cupboard runs dry, I have to fend off mournful colleagues, whimpering about how hungry they are, incredulous that they might have to actually buy something from the vending machine…

I wonder what happens in other offices, where there isn’t a constant supply of food either being cooked or delivered. Is there an office feeder in every work place? Someone who takes it upon themselves to fatten everybody else up with their baked goods and selection boxes. Is it always a woman? It would seem more likely, somehow. It’s more of a female thing to feed people up. I suppose that’s why the witch wasn’t a wizard in Hansel and Gretel…

What does your office feeder provide? Sweet or savoury, home-baked or shop-bought. I’d love to compare.



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4 responses to “Feeding the troops

  1. JOY hughes

    My daughter Charity who works at Next Store in Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales always seems to be making strawberry meringues and banana cake to keep everyone happy in the workplace.

  2. Jenny

    My boss, a male, is happy to eat all the treats but never buys a thing! The rest of us take it in turns to buy snacks… in my opinion you can’t beat a big bag of Minstrels at about 4pm.

  3. Sarah J

    We make cakes for birthdays and do a charity collection sometimes (50p a slice kind of thing). That always goes down well in the office – especially on a Monday morning. Having said that -on a Friday before a bank holiday weekend – I could murder whopping great bar of galaxy right now…or one of those Purist bars from Hotel Chocolate or….. well any chocolate really. Right I’m off to the vending machine right now!!

  4. Doughface

    Working in a bakery, we get our treats from our own shop and if anyone brings in anything they’ve made at home, you can almost feel a collective groan that it is simply an unnecessary treat!

    The exception to this was when a colleague made his own butter and it went down SO well! Once you’ve had real butter, it’s difficult to go back!!

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