The icing on the cake

Last week I filled you in on how we at w&h have been cooking up a Christmas storm. And after a storm comes a calm… Following a rollercoaster month of running around with mince pies, chestnuts and Brussels sprouts coming out of my ears, I’ve finally had a chance to stop, relax and, most importantly, catch up on all the TV I’ve been missing out on.

This week has been very happily spent moulded into a corner of the couch, cup of tea in one hand, remote in the other. I’ve caught up on allsorts from the brilliant but bleak This is England to the X-Factor auditions (equally brilliant but bleak). For me, though, the cream of the crop  of this autumn’s viewing was BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off. What’s not to like about 60 minutes of beautifully decorated cakes, buttery pastry and crusty bread being baked before you eyes?

I only  watched the final a couple of days ago and I was absolutely thrilled that Ed won. How refreshing that a 25-year-old, male bank worker was crowned the UK’s best amateur baker (although, let’s face it, his creations were far from amateur). It proves that baking isn’t just the remit of women, it’s something that can and should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or sex.

In fact the program inspired me to get baking. In the last week I’ve knocked up a fabulous chocolate pecan tart and even a loaf of grape and walnut bread. And it clearly inspired you readers, too. We’ve received a whopping number of entries to our cupcake competition and I’m absolutely astounded by the professional-touch of the entries. Take a look for yourself, and why not whip up a batch of cupcakes this weekend and enter?



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3 responses to “The icing on the cake

  1. Dawn Holmes

    All your recipes are inspirational and now that Christmas is approaching I am stocking up on dried fruits for cakes and mince pies. I am looking forward to your Christmas edition . Keep up the good work you are streets ahead of the competition!

  2. Georgina

    You’ve inspired me to bake too! Now that Autumn is here I’m suddenly lusting after homemade calorific treats. The picture of that Victoria Sponge is making me drool so think I’ll start there…

  3. Michael Levey

    Totally agree – The Great British Bake Off was great TV.

    I intend to make some cupcakes for my son’s birthday this weekend and hope to send some entries in next week!!

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