Stress-free Christmas?

As the unlucky few who have to work between Christmas and New Year have been drifting back into the office the last couple of days, we’ve been swapping stories about festive ups and downs. Since (as I’ve mentioned once or twice), this office seems to revolve around food, these stories have naturally mainly been gastronomic, and it’s left me wondering if anyone’s Christmas went without any minor hiccups. I doubt it.

I did all the cooking at our house over Christmas, and it was not without its share of cock-ups. There was the prosecco jelly that didn’t set, thankfully saved by the fact that it was in wine glasses, and the beautiful pithivier that was going to be my crowning glory, that rose magnificently…then exploded.

There is nothing quite so depressing as discovering a molten mess of pistachio frangipane spilling into your oven. Particularly when there are 15 people waiting in gluttonous anticipation. Now normally I’m an advocate of the ‘patch it up, give it a different name and serve it anyway’ approach, but this time I had to come clean. Fortunately everyone thought it was hilarious and it tasted nice anyway, despite the slight charring round the edges…

Another unforeseen event was the fact that my 7kg turkey cooked in under 2 hours. We’d been planning a leisurely present opening before wrestling with Christmas dinner, which ended up being somewhat rushed when I sauntered down to check how it was getting on, and discovered it was verging on overcooked. It’s no wonder everyone moans about dry turkey when the general consensus is that it takes forever. Thank god for meat thermometers!

Other office disasters included our beauty assistant sustaining large burns when she was left to cook Christmas lunch all alone. She looked completely traumatised just telling me about it. Our homes stylist, laid low with flu had a baked potato for Christmas lunch while her hubby went to a friend’s. And took the dog with him which she wasn’t too happy about!

But thank God it’s all over for another year we sigh. Now there’s just that massive dinner party looming tomorrow night to get through…


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  1. Pheww! After all that cooking I am glad I didn’t have to do any big entertaining meals this season. My husband made a killer roast chicken meal last night for us and my parents. We popped out and were not quite sure what he was thinking when he called to see when I would be home as the chicken was done. It was 4.30 in the afternoon! Even with a 7 and 4 year old that’s a little early to eat dinner!
    I don’t know what he did to keep it so fab but it was totally delicious!!!

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