Royal Wedding Watch

I’m sorry, I know you’re probably all a bit sick of it, but I’m going to talk about the royal wedding. For all my huffing and puffing as we get email after email pushing products with increasingly tenuous links to the happy couple, I can’t help but feel a little bit patriotic when I see all the bunting up everywhere. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve become slightly obsessed with the Daily Mail’s Royal Wedding page.

Sadly, well not sadly, very smugly, I’ll be in France on the day itself, and having been informed there’s no TV where we’re going, I will be holing up in a bar somewhere to watch the momentous occasion. But for those who are staying in Grande Bretagne, even if you’re not enamoured with Miss Middleton, the extra day’s holiday is undoubtedly an excuse for eating and drinking at otherwise inappropriate times of the day. So what shall you all be feasting on?

Well, surely Pimm’s has to factor into the equation somewhere. Not being a fan of sickly sweet drinks I always make mine with half and half lemonade and ginger beer, with an extra tot of gin. I’m sure the Queen Mother would have approved. At a recent work celebration I also added a load of fresh passion fruit to it, which went down extraordinarily well.

And as for food, I might argue that a royal wedding party without sausage rolls is no party at all. Have a crack at making your own, they’re so easy and seriously a lot better than anything bought. And in a nod to the royal lifestyle, these caviar and brioche fingers would also be rather appropriate. If you’re near a Waitrose, look out for a faux-caviar called Arenkha – it’s made by spherifying smoked herring (don’t ask) so it’s totally sustainable, very tasty, and a teeny tiny fraction of the price of the real stuff. Royalty for the middle classes, if you will. A bit like our future queen.

And to finish off, what could be more British than a sherry trifle?! If you really can’t face the thought, though, ditch the custard and sponge and try a slightly more updated version with crushed meringues, fresh raspberries and elderflower syllabub. A large splash of dessert wine in there finishes it off perfectly.

And how will I be celebrating? Well,  without a street party or a Union Jack in sight, I’ll be wishing Kate and William well in the true French style – with a large vat of rosé and several dozen oysters. Vive l’amour!

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4 responses to “Royal Wedding Watch

  1. Chrissie Gugen

    Perfect ideas of what to eat tomorrow!!!
    We are also having cocktail sausages, mini scotch eggs and smoked salmon
    All very British too!!!!
    Then to follow Coronation Chicken – the best of Royal traditions!!!!

  2. Emma MT

    I’m pretty miffed that my local Sainsburys has sold out of Pimms! I mean really! What did they think everyone would be drinking this weekend? Oh well, I’ll just stick to sausage rolls (albeit veggie ones!) and a big bowl of trifle. That’s my favourite!!!

    • There is no hope – okay, slight exaggeration – except for Prosecco rather than Pimms …. or can I recommend (after all it is an early start) a small dash of something/anything fizzy with some blood orange juice? AKA sanguinello, bit more dosh than your average OJ but rather fab.

  3. Kate

    Ahh, Pimms, I’ve got half a bottle leftover from last weekend’s Bank Holiday fun, so I’m sorted there! I’m embracing the whole day with a bbq at a friend’s – can’t get enough of the nuptials right now!

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