Want to critique Taste of London? Then read on…

So, to continue in the restaurant critic vein, an email landed in my inbox today about Toptable’s latest venture with Taste of London. They’re offering one lucky foodie the chance to officially review every restaurant at Taste of London, for free. There are 40 restaurants at Taste of London. That one lucky foodie had better be very hungry.

 I think this is a pretty amazing prize, and one guaranteed to appeal to the almost slavish fanaticism with which food enthusiasts can talk about restaurants. Ask your gastro-friend (every circle has one), about the last meal they had out and you’ll rarely get just a couple of sentences. Everyone who likes food, it seems, is a born restaurant critic.

And before I’m lambasted for completely contradicting myself after my last article, I should point out that I think constructive restaurant reviews are always useful, as long as they’re not some excuse for an over-inflated ego to flap about. I’m also very much in favour of getting ‘ordinary Joe’ in to review the restaurants at Taste. Who knows, they could end up being the next Mr Coren.

So if you feel like this is your time to shine, click here to go to Toptable’s entry page. All you need to do is review a restaurant of your choice and send it off. The winner will be judged, and then they’d better start stomach stretching. It’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint…



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4 responses to “Want to critique Taste of London? Then read on…

  1. Roger's Mum

    Count me out on this one, Truefoodie. Too many calories for my bikini to disguise!

  2. 40 restaurants to test? Easy! They should make it 40 restaurants to test in 40 days. That should sort out the riff raff! He he he

  3. mike smith

    Great prize idea but, another Mr. Coren? Giles Coren? Pass the sick-bag, Alice. One’s more than enough.

  4. Kate

    Yikes, let the stomach-stretching begin! What an A-MAY-ZING comp!

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