Sample Drops

My desk is a mess. I can’t argue with that. Jars, bottles, cans and boxes, sleeves from packs of burgers, an inexplicable cuddly toy chicken, baking powder, storage containers and a kilner jar that doesn’t close. A hundred different sheets of paper, cookery books, recipe lists, an overflowing diary, a chopping board (!) and underneath all this, somewhere, my keyboard, slightly stained with soy sauce from too many edamame beans eaten while working. But it’s not my fault. Truly. Let me take you through my day of deliveries, and you may begin to understand…

Ok, so it's not this bad

It started this morning with an enormous basket (I mean a Little Red Riding Hood type basket) full of raspberries to celebrate the start of the season. You’ve never seen raspberries this beautiful, seriously, some of them were as big as strawberries. A box of soft-eating liquorice swiftly followed, packaged with, of all things, the most enormous fake moustache. Next arrived a box of cupcakes, three boxes of chocolates and a new flavour of cordial…all before lunch.

The afternoon saw me up and down the building, receiving yet more chocolate, then five minutes later, just as I was hoping and praying for something savoury, another Red Riding Hood basket turned up brim full of crisps. Thank you Burts! The office is now resounding with the sound of contented munching. And this isn’t an extraordinary day either. It’s like this every day of the week.

Clearly I can’t eat all of this food, and so a large proportion ends up scattered around me. And as much as Emma the Fashion Co-ordinater who sits next to me moans, I notice she’s been tucking rather heartily into the crisps. And the oatcakes. And the chocolate

So if anybody looked in their kitchen cupboards this morning and thought, ooh, I’ve run out of ‘______’, come to me. There’s a very good chance it’s sitting on my desk, and I’m sure the abnormally tidy Emma will thank you for it!



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10 responses to “Sample Drops

  1. Captain Peter Pooter (cashiered)

    Aloe, aloe, aloe? I think Maureen should change her name to Vera. Geddit? Nice mustache TF, btw.

  2. Truefoodie's Mum

    Sounds just like your bedroom before you left home – and you look just like your granny with the moustache on!

  3. Maureen

    I’ve just realised how that sounds over the net – I’m in the police force by the way, the desk mess is all work not pleasure!

  4. I wish my desk was still in the office opposite the TF. Cries of ‘Oooh that’s my favourite!'(which I said everytime a basket arrived no matter what was in it) don’t work from Bromley! I don’t understand how I have still put on more weight working from home than I did when I sat near you! it just doesn’t make sense.

  5. Lyndsay

    Soft-eating liquorice?! Why didn’t I know about that one?!

  6. Maureen

    I’m soooo jealous! Fancy making me a food parcel?! (seriously?)

    My desk is also a mess; most recently it was found to be strewn with a delightful medley of a colleague, a prostitute, booze, white powder and many many papers… (you think I’m joking)….

    You have the best job!

  7. Doughface

    Sleeves from packs of burgers….?? This isn’t what i’d expect from the Woman & Home team!

  8. Kate

    The shame of the messy desk…. Yesterday my editor spied my disgustingly filthy empty coffee cup with mould festering inside. And I STILL haven’t removed it. Oh. the. shame.

  9. Emma

    You do receive a ridiculous amount of food, though i’m not complaining of course… I have the best seat in the office!

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